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I lost my key card and couldn't get into the room earlier...

Now when I go to get my snacks out I find them all gone!  Everything is going wrong today!

((Guess who forgot to study and failed his quiz?))
I miss the raining food.  Now I have to pay for all of my sweets again.

Mar. 6th, 2010

Woooow!  It's still working!  A few days ago I had a really yummy breakfast at the cafe, and I wished that I could have that good of a breakfast every morning.  When I woke up the next day there was breakfast already sitting out in front of me!  It's been a few days, and it's still happening!  Amazing!!

Feb. 23rd, 2010

I'm going to be 99 tomorrow... That's really old.



((blue is Tsuzuki, red is past?Tsuzuki... reason for the ? well, he's sort of Tsuzuki's inner self too.  Past?Tsuzuki is a kid, so the voice will sound like a child... though a really evil one))

Well, look at that.  I actually came to visit you this time.  That's a strange change.


I wonder why that is, don't you, Asato?  Ah, never mind, I know.  You keep denying it, don't you?  You keep denying what you are... so I was forced to come here and remind you.

N-no.  None of that's true... I don't know why you're here, but it's not for that! 

Funny, I was sure that it was.  After all, you seem to think it's okay for you to have friends.  Friends!  Ha!


You're a murderer, Asato.  Don't forget that.  No matter who they are, or how important they are to you, you'll cut them down so you survive.  It's always been that way, and it always will be that way. 

[really heavy breathing, but no response]


I don't got a lovely bunch of coconuts! Do do do do! There they aren't all standing in a row! Dum dum dum... No big ones, or small ones, or ones as a big as your head!

Unless they're invisible!

I'm got a lovely bunch of invisible coconuts! Do do do do! The they are all standing in a row! Dum dum dum... Big ones, small ones, and ones as big as your head! But you can't tell!

first snow [voice]

[singing] It's snowing! It's snowing! It's snowing! The first snow of the year!!


Halloween means Candy!

Yay!  Yay!  I love halloween!  Everyone got dressed up too!  Even the school got dressed up!  I'm glad I already had my costume picked out!

((wearing this))

You know.. metal jump ropes are hard to spin... How are Mana and I supposed to play if you can't twirl it??